Mono Way at Tuolumne Road      

Your friends and neighbors
serving you at the Junction!

      The Junction Shopping Center more than lives up to its expectations . . . your friends and neighbors serving you! Quite simply, The Junction is the ideal meeting place, a destination for families and friends to share a moment in the Gold Country.
     Whether you're searching for the ideal gift, simply picking up a few last minute items, or getting a bite to eat; the Junction is a commnunity of convenience. Perhaps you need to do a little banking or make a quick trip to the cleaners. These little stops may be part of your daily activities, but they don't have to be routine.
     Tree-lined parkways and beautiful landscaping lead you to the 39 shops, boutiques, restaurants, and stores at the Junction.
     We encourage you to visit Sonora's most magnificent shopping center and bring your everyday activities to a most convenient setting. The Junction Shopping Center...another reason to enjoy living in California's Gold Country!

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